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Who Is the Killer In How to Get Away With Murder  Season 6?  

ABC’s most murderous show just killed off another member of the Keating 5, leaving us once again wondering, who is How to Get Away with Murder’s latest killer?

Considering there is so much to the story we don’t know yet, it’s going to be hard to pin this on someone.

Though we originally thought Asher Millstone was the killer given that his shirt was covered in blood in the flash-forward, we now know he was actually the victim.

Yes, Asher has left the land of the living, and that blood on his shirt actually ended up being his own after Oliver whacked him in the back of the head with a fire poker upon finding out he was the FBI mole.

Though we did see him turn up alive and well at Bonnie’s house after walking away from that hit seemingly fine, there are still some missing chunks of time between that scene and the one that found him bleeding out in the hallway outside of his apartment. Those missing hours are no doubt going to be very important in answering the question we’re all asking: Who killed Asher?

1.) Oliver
2.) Gabriel
3.) Annalise
4.) Frank

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