Watch Trailer For  Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Drama Hollywood


Watch Trailer For Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Drama Hollywood  



If you thought a career in  was all lavish parties and adoring fans… well, it’s not not that. But if the trailer for ’s upcoming limited series is any indication, the Tinseltown life is also frustrating, lonely and very, very weird.

Created by and frequent collaborator Ian Brennan, Hollywood follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood as they try to make it in showbiz, no matter the cost.
“Each character offers a unique glimpse behind the gilded curtain of Hollywood’s Golden Age, spotlighting the unfair systems and biases across race, gender and sexuality that continue to this day,” the project’s logline reads. “Provocative and incisive, Hollywood exposes and examines decades-old power dynamics, and what the entertainment landscape might look like if they had been dismantled.”

The drama premieres on Friday, May 1. 


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