Watch ‘Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison’ Official Trailer

Watch ‘Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison’ Official Trailer

Tijuana Jackson (Malco) is a man determined to move beyond his checkered past and achieve his ambition of becoming a world renowned motivational speaker.

When asked to be the subject of a 10 minute student film, TJ leaps at the opportunity. Ten minutes turns into ten hours, and ten hours become ten life altering days of courage and inspiration.

Determined to be more than a statistic with a pipe dream, TJ stops at nothing to earn the respect of his family, and crush (Hall), who is his probation officer, by becoming the success story they claimed he’d never be.

Tijuana Jackson:Purpose Over Prison, formerly known as Prison Logic, is written & directed by American actor / filmmaker Romany Malco, making his feature directorial debut with this film after directing only one episode of the TV series “Prison Logic” previously.

Produced by Brian R. Etting and Josh H. Etting. This hasn’t premiered at any film festivals, as far as we know. Cranked Up will debut Malco’s Tijuana Jackson in select US theaters on July 24th, then on VOD starting July 31st.


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