TV Series To Binge Watch This Weekend: The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance And Carnival Row

A lot of TV series has been poping up lately and some don’t know what to see and not to see.  Check out my recommendations below.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


Incase you’ve never seen Jim Henson’s cult-favorite 1982 film The Dark Crystal like me, the new Netflix prequel series is something you should see and if you have seen it the 1982 film,  you should see this too because this new series is a prequel, taking place long before the time of the film’s heroic pair, Jen and Kira.

The series was set on the beautiful world of Thra, the plot follows members of the well-meaning Gelfling race as they rebel after uncovering horrific truths about the Skeksis, the evil bird-like creatures who rule over them.

Yes, there’s a lot of fantasy-flavored jargon, but the combination of a top-notch voice cast (including Taron Egerton, Nathalie Emmanuel, Anya Taylor-Joy, Mark Hamill, and many more)  beautiful Henson-style puppets makes the story engaging and easy to follow.

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Carnival Row

Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row is a far cry from the early worlds of Game of Thrones.
The series set in a steampunky, Victorian London-esque city where mythical creatures live as refugees, the show moodily blends noir, fantasy, political drama, social commentary, and romance into a richly realized world.

As human Inspector Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate (Bloom) hunts a serial killer, his former lover, faerie Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne) arrives in the city after fleeing her war-torn homeland.

All the while, tensions between the human and “fae” populations continue to grow. “It’s a fantasy story, but with the social awareness of a sci-fi story.

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