The Blacklist: The Bones In The Bag Finally Revealed! | To Return For Season 6


All season long, The Blacklist has been teasing one major mystery: Whose bones are in that duffel bag and why does Red want their identity to remain a secret?

The Season 5 finale ripped off the veil of that secret, and it’s a DOOZY. Though theories of whose skeleton was in that bag ranged from Liz’s mom to Red’s other daughter to the REAL Liz, the real truth was… are you ready for this?

The bones belonged to the REAL Raymond Reddington, and the Red we knew was an impostor this whole time. Yowza!

Liz  found out the truth thanks to working with the finale’s blacklister, so she knows Red’s secret but Red doesn’t know she knows.

That sets up a very juicy sixth season of The Blacklist, which will be answering all the questions I have remaining, like who the heck is this guy then?

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