Stranger Things Season 3 Premiere Date And First Poster Revealed

Netflix has announced the premiere date for Stranger Things Season 3, which will be released on July 4, 2019.

The streaming service also revealed the first poster and key art for the new season

There’s also a new teaser trailer  for the upcoming season, featuring the ominous tidings “when blue and yellow meet in the west” cut between footage of the 1985’s Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve (brought to you by Starcourt Mall). The teaser seems to show someone hacking into “Lynx Corp.,” copyright 1984-1986, and running the program “SilverCatFeeds.exe.” All of that culminates in the Dick Clark New Year’s footage spinning upside down and flashing a brief glimpse of the Mind Flayer.


A summer premiere is fitting for the spooky series, which is set in the summer of 1985 (just in time to ruin Eleven and the rest of the gang’s vacation) and has ominously been described in the show’s official companion book as “the final summer of their childhood.” A lot of the action will likely take place around the new Starcourt Mall opening in Hawkins in the new season, as promised in the first Season 3 teaser trailer.

The final episode of Stranger Things season two found Eleven going full super saiyan in order to close a gate to the Upside Down and shut down the Mind Flayer’s malevolent plans. A month after the Demodogs shriveled up and died, Eleven, Mike, fostering serious romantic feelings for the telekinetic, and the rest of the gang attend the Hawkins Middle School winter ball. But the Mind Flayer looms! And clearly the retro-paranormal adventure wasn’t going to end there.

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