Outer Banks: 10 Questions We Need Answered In Season 2

Outer Banks: 10 Questions We Need Answered In Season 2

After  was added to , this intense teen drama had the whole Internet talking. The series, which premiered in 2020, follows the lives of two very different social groups that live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The series is part teen romantic drama and part intense treasure hunt with all kinds of plot twists. It’s definitely not hard to see why this show gained so much attention after it was released.

Only one season of the series has aired on Netflix so far and, as anyone who watched it will know, the season ended on a pretty major cliffhanger. All of the drama of the first season was building up, and the season ended with John B and Sarah on a boat headed to The Bahamas after it seemed like they had potentially died during a tropical storm that caused their boat to capsize. Because the series ended on such a major cliffhanger, it left a lot of viewers with questions that need be answered when Netflix premieres the second series of this intense teen drama.

10. Will Sarah And John B Make It To The Bahamas?

The season finale ended with John B and Sarah being rescued by a boat that’s bound for Nassau in The Bahamas – the same location where Ward Cameron had sent all the gold to when he was trying to keep it away from John B.

Although this is an amazing coincidence and it’ll help the two of them be safe and out of the eyes of the authorities that are trying to track the two of them down, some viewers are definitely suspicious. What if the boat they’re on isn’t actually going to The Bahamas?

9. Will They Find The Gold?

Assuming that John B and Sarah make it to Nassau, they’ll be in the same place that Ward Cameron sent all of the gold from the sunken treasure.

Although it’s obvious that the two of them will have a lot on their plates when the second season begins, viewers want to know whether or not the two of them will continue their hunt for the gold once they arrive in Nassau. If the first season taught fans anything, it’s that the two of them definitely always have a plan.

8. Will The Police Realize John B Is Innocent?

Before Sarah and John B steered their boat straight into a tropical storm in order to get away from the FBI, John B informed everyone listening back on the island that he knew that Ward Cameron was responsible for his father’s death. Although the authorities had been after John B because Ward had told them that he was responsible for killing Sheriff Peterkin, among other crimes around the island, his revelation turned all their eyes onto Ward.

Does the fact that he revealed that mean that the authorities will be taking a closer look at Ward Cameron and, in turn, realize that John B is innocent after all? And if they do, will it even matter, given the fact that he disappeared? Or will Ward’s money and power help him get out of this sticky situation, keeping all the blame firmly on a now-presumed dead John B?

7. Will The Pogues Reunite?

After helping John B and Sarah escape the Outer Banks in order to sail to Mexico, the Pogues listened along as the tropical storm came in and cut the FBI’s connection to Sarah and John B’s boat’s radio.

After an intense and emotional season full of ups and downs for this friend group, they had reason to believe that John B was no longer with them, and John B had no real way to inform them otherwise. This left fans wondering whether or not John B, Sarah, and the Pogues will be able to reunite or if they’ll be forced to go on thinking that their leader and best friend really did die.

6. Is Pope’s Future Really Ruined?

Throughout the whole first season, Pope was repeatedly concerned about the possibility of getting in trouble with the law and ruining his chance at getting a big scholarship. This scholarship would help him to get out of his hometown and do great things with his life. But, as the season came to a close, Pope’s priorities shifted and he walked out on his scholarship interview in order to go help John B.

What does this mean for Pope’s future? Will he get a second chance at his scholarship? Or will his simple association with John B have ruled him out as a candidate?

5. Will Rafe End Up In Jail?

With John B and Sarah presumed dead, the authorities now have their eyes on Ward Cameron thanks to John B cluing them in to his involvement in his father’s death. Does that mean that they’re going to take a closer look at what Rafe was up to throughout the whole first season as well?

Though Ward may have been the biggest villain, Rafe had his fair share of bad deeds and many viewers want to see him face the consequences.

4. What Will Happen To Ward Cameron?

Before the boat capsized in the tropical storm, John B took time to speak over the radio to Ward Cameron and the FBI to let them know that he knows that Ward was involved in his father’s death and that it wasn’t a simple treasure hunting-related accident.

That just leaves one burning question: what will happen to Ward Cameron? Will the authorities dig into his past and learn not just about what he did to John B’s father, but also his other crimes? Or will he somehow escape this tangled web of trouble?

3. Is JJ Going To Be Okay?

One of the minor side plots throughout the first season of Outer Banks involved JJ and his abusive father. Their interactions showed both how cruel his father can be to JJ as well as how he can sometimes turn just like that and be the kind, gentle father that JJ likely wishes he had all the time.

What will become of JJ in the second season? Will he leave his father once and for all? Maybe even kill him like he contemplated doing so many times?

2. What Will Topper Do?

Although Topper was definitely not on John B’s side throughout most of the first season, he seemed to come around toward the end of the season when he vowed to prove to Sarah how much he loves her. He pretended to be John B in order to help the two of them get away from the police when they were after them and he actually seems like he might be on John B’s side now.

A big question viewers have now is what’s next for Topper? Is he actually good? Or will he go back to his old ways?

1. Will Kie Date JJ Or Pope?

Although this question isn’t quite as serious as some of the more plot-focused questions that viewers have, it’s definitely still something on the minds of many fans.

Throughout the whole first season, it was obvious that all of the Pogues had a crush on Kie. But, John B ended up with Sarah, so that leaves JJ and Pope. She had chemistry with each of them throughout the season, so will she end up with one of them?



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