NYSC DIARIES: Week Two (2) – My Kogi Camp Experience

Where do I start?

Asaya Camp is getting more interesting and fun for some people but me right here, all I want to do is just go back home.

You remember the trumpet I told you about in the first week, it’s no longer funny and it’s getting more annoying. Any little rest like this, the next thing you will hear is the sound of trumpet, different types of whistle sounds, man-o-war and soldiers shouting “If you’re in your hostel, you’re wrong”, “Double Up”, “If you’re a man, wait for me”.

Incase you missed week one click here to read.

I think this week was pretty fast, some activities came up during this week. I will be listing some out.

Man-O-War Drill

If you’re a graduate of FUNAAB or still studying in FUNAAB, you definitely know how majority of us dislike them, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. So on, Tuesday June 25th, my platoon had their drill.

After morning devotion, we all reported there as early as 6:30am (I’m sure majority of you were still sleeping). On getting there, the lead instructor showed us all the drill we are to engage in.

At first I really didn’t want to participate, but seeing how fun it is, I joined and it was a really great experience.

I couldn’t take pictures because we weren’t allowed to, just so that their own photographers could sell.

Social Nightsssssss

Nothing is optional here, everything is compulsory and you definitely have to attend.

Social night started on Sunday and it will end next week. I was able to skip two nights by staying back in hostel and hide. (I needed my sleep, I was tired). Some of the nights were boring while some were interesting.

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We have programs to do every night. So far we have done Drama, Comedy, Cultural, Miss Ebony, Corpers got talents.

Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development (SAED)

S-A-E-D! This always comes up after 9 -12 lectures and run through 1-2. I have always wanted to learn shoe making but then there wasn’t shoe making class.

I decided to join ICT class but so far, it has not really been something I was looking out for or I should just say my expectations were high.

I was even considering joining Photography class but I heard people saying the man still operates in the olden age. I just shoved the idea up and stayed in the ICT class.

Mumu Squad 😂

I know you are wondering what mumu squad is all about. After series of march practices, some of us didn’t make the “special squad” (those who are to march on the closing ceremony day and interplatoon competition) and I’m glad and relieved because there would definitely be no any “Pre Pre Shun!, left, right, move to the right in twos, right about turn, retire about turn , remove hairdress, remove hairdress and all.

All we have to do is stand, sit and watch the special squad march their life out. lol.

Lest, I forget my platoon (one platoon) lost all the competitions we participated in. The highest position we ever took was 5th. We finally won last night!(Saturday). We won Miss Ebony!!! 😊🤗

I miss my bed at home, I miss my family but thanks to them for always calling me every day and sometimes we have video call.

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This is basically all the important things that happened during my second week. 8 more days to go and I can’t wait to leave KOGI-tiee-boh!

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5 thoughts on “NYSC DIARIES: Week Two (2) – My Kogi Camp Experience

  1. You didn’t lose all
    You got best loser bruv 😂

    My platoon won Mr macho, first runner up Miss NYSC, trashed other platoons in volley ball, lost just once in football.
    Best Winner ✌🏾

    Proud Mumu Club member


  2. I know I’m definitely going to be a part of the Mumu squad Lool. Can’t stress myself. Enjoy the remaining days in camp!

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