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NYSC DIARIES : Final Week (3) – My Kogi Camp Experience

Whatever you see on Camp lasts on Camp. Fun the best you can…I mean fun the best you can. It comes once in a lifetime!

Yeahhhhhhh, Camping is finally over and I can say I am excited and glad to be home. The last week in camp was actually the most interesting one for me through out the whole camping exercise, mixed feelings everywhere. Let me give you a run down of how the last week went;


Kitchen Duty

On Monday, being the last week, my platoon was on duty once again and this time, I happen to be on kitchen duty (Morning duty). I was up as early as 4am since we were to resume by 4am. Got to the kitchen by 4:30am. Few mins later, we were asked to cut okro. I have never dealt with that amount of okro before. 10 of us finished a basket of okro and it was way too much.
Fast forward to 7:50am, breakfast (Beans and Pap) was ready to be served and I was chosen to serve pap at a serving point alongside one of the kitchen staff.

We finished the morning duty around 9am and I went back to hostel to clean up and get ready for hours of boring lecture.

Lest I forget, my platoon made a 3D design of NYSC logo and coat of arm with sand, stone, paint and so on

Inter-platoon Drill

Yea, this took place on Wednesday, July 3rd. The better squad would finally show us how good they were😄😃 while the mumu squad watch.

My platoon came 7th at the end of the drill. It was actually fun.

Carnival/Cultural Day

What comes to your mind when you hear cultural/carnival day? Music, Dance, Drama and all yeah? But it’s a different case here. Everything here is a competiotion, so the carnival was basically a competition between the platoons. The theme was “Showcasing the true culture of Nigeria”.

Each platoon came out with their own costumes, danced around the parade ground and showcased/performed in front of the judges and the invited guests.My Platoon came 7th once again 😂 but then we don’t care anymore.

The carnival day was actually one of the best day on camp for me not because it was fun (it was actually boring, I was feeling sleepy at a point) but because I talked to quite number people that day and it was great. 😊

I met my Twin-bro

Some of you already know this 😊. Leodeck as he is fondly called is a comedian and mc who anchors the social night events.

He’s soo good and has relatable contents /jokes. After his first ever performance, I have people coming to meet me randomly telling me how much they love my (Leo’s) jokes. 😂 I had to explain to everyone that I wasn’t the one that we only looked alike.

Leo happens to be in my platoon, after the carnival I had to meet him and take a picture. He is from Delta and I’m from Ogun. After I met him, I am convinced that God creates people in twos.

Closing Ceremony

21 days in Kogi tiee boh! The day we were counting on was finally here Monday, 8th July 2019 😃,last day in camp.

We were asked to return our matress by 4:30 am. So everyone has been up as early as 2:30am, dressed up, arranged our loads and packed it. By 4am, I already have my loads packed, carried it along my mattress and left the hostel to return the matress. We had to sit outside from 4am till day breaks.

Fast forward to the Closing Ceremony. We have been asked to be on the parade ground as early as 8:50am. We were told the state governor would be coming so everyone was looking out for him to come. After standing and waiting for almost 40mins, the governor didn’t come, he sent a representative over.

The better squad did the closing ceremony parade and the governor gave his speech. The whole cereming took almost one and half hours and we were dismissed to our various platoon point for our posting letters.

As I was going to get mine, I saw people rejoicing, those who were rejoicing were either posted to Lokoja or Ogori Mangogo (the best LGA in Kogi from what we heard), others were frowning or had sad faces because they didn’t get better placements.

Eyy, I finally got mine🙂🙂, I was posted to YAGBA WEST. Reality has finally set in, I’m going to be a teacher. Leeeemmmaaoooo 😂.

I was posted to ECWA group of schools, Ejiba, Yagba West Local Government. I gave my self hope and assurance that it was going to be a good place that at least, its a private school. I collected the letter, bought a brown envelope, made photocopies, packed it and carried my luggage to where I was going to board the cab going to yagba west.

On getting there, met others too, we were told it was one and half hours journey and the transport fare is #1500 naira. After two hours of journey, we got to the Corpers Lodge in Odo Ere.

It was late so I couldn’t report to my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment). I’m sorry, I won’t be talking about my PPA beacuse there’s definitely nothing to talk about (I’m definitely not staying in that place). Leeemaaaooo 😂

Finally, Finally, Finally Camp came to an end. I need to stop forming hard guyy, hard guy, I miss Asaya Camp. It was fun and COLD and I met great people.

To everyone who has followed my post from week one till now, thank you all! I love you all.

To my fellow Corp members

Copas wee!
How is your morale?
Are you good to go?
Are you motivated?
If you are not reading this you are wrong, so double up.
Parade, prey prey shun!
Stand at ease.
Attention by number scold 1 (1-2-1-2) Remain like that.
Move to the right in threes.
Right turn.
By the centre, quick march
If you don’t comment on my post,you are wrong 🤗🤔🤓🤗🤓🤗

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