New Trailer for Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ – WATCH

New Trailer for Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ – WATCH

Fans got a closer look at Studios’ “” Monday night, courtesy of a new trailer in which Natasha Romanoff squared off against the villain Taskmaster — and a small army of other Black Widows.

The new trailer begins similarly to the one that came out in December. We see Natasha () reuniting for her former comrades in the Soviet Union-era assassin training program that made her who she is. That includes lovable Red Guardian (David Harbour), who might be out of shape but, at least in one quick glimpse, appears to still have quite a kick left in him.

After that, more scenes of general action and mayhem as Natasha fights her way through “new enemies” — which includes the aforementioned squad of other Black Widows (not literally other Natashas, just people trained to fight and dress like her). We also get a slightly closer look at Taskmaster, who gives off a serious Winter Soldier vibe while also demonstrating his comic book superpower: The ability to mimic the physical movement of anyone he observes.



Black Widow movie in theaters starting May 1st, 2020.


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