New Superman Suit Set for Superman & Lois TV Series

New Superman Suit Set for Superman & Lois TV Series

& , the Arrowverse (now known as The CWverse) spinoff set to premiere in 2021, is one such show. Jim Lee, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, sat down with & Lois showrunner Todd Helbing and & Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin (Clark/) and Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois) to talk all things Lois and Clark—perhaps, most importantly, ’s new super-suit.

That’s right! Helbing confirmed that Clark would be getting a new suit for the Superman & Lois series, saying: “Originally, [Superman] came on for the [Arrowverse] crossovers and that suit just wasn’t built to sustain a series, and I think with, everything [regarding the Earth-Prime reset] we were talking about earlier, it gave us this fresh slate… Yeah, let’s make a new suit. So there’s gonna be a really badass Superman suit in this show that I’m pretty excited about.”

Tulloch added: “I’m excited too.”

While there were no specific details about the new Superman suit beyond it being “really badass,” we did get to hear Hoechlin and Tulloch wax poetic about the power of the iconic suit.


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