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Netflix’s Official Trailer For ‘Atlantics’

Netflix has finally unveiled the official US trailer for Atlantics, the award-winning film from up-and-coming French filmmaker Mati Diop that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival playing in-competition earlier this summer.

The film also goes under the title Atlantique, which is just the French version of Atlantics – a direct reference to “people of the Atlantic”.

The film is set in Dakar, Senegal, which sits on the western coast of Africa in the middle of the Atlantic. Workers at the construction site of a futuristic tower, without pay for months, decide to leave the country on a boat across the ocean in hope of a better future. Among them is Souleiman, lover of Ada, promised to another.

After a fire breaks out on her wedding night, a young policeman is sent to investigate the crime. Little does he know that the aggrieved workers have come back as haunting, possessive spirits. While many of them seek vengeance for their unpaid labor, Souleiman has come back for a different purpose — to be with his Ada one last time.

Netflix will release Mati Diop’s Atlantics in select US theaters starting on November 15th, then streaming on November 29th coming up.

The movie will be representing Senegal and competiting with Lionheart at Oscar Awards.

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