Netflix Hoping To Start Shooting ‘Sex Education’ In August

Netflix Hoping To Start Shooting ‘Sex Education’ In August

is drawing up plans to get its UK shows back into production amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the streamer has a hopeful target of August for its hit drama .

Deadline has spoken to more than one person who works on the Eleven show, and they say that August is the current ambition for Season 3, but nothing is cast in stone as the situation with COVID-19 is developing quickly.

August is seen as the latest Sex Education could go into production this year because the show is reliant on filming during the longer days of British summer, and the sunshine is an important part of its on-screen gloss. It means Netflix and Eleven will need to make a final decision on the shoot plans next month, given the show requires 10 weeks of prep time.

Sex Education was originally due to begin production this month, but the plans were put on ice, as Wales — which provides the backdrop to Moordale High — remains in lockdown after more than 1,200 people have died of the disease in the nation.

Cast and crew are said to be itching to get back to work, particularly given the summer camp spirit that has developed around the show’s shooting pattern. They are mindful, however, that production will be far from straightforward.


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