Manifest Season 2 Trailer – WATCH

The second season of NBC’s Manifest won’t be ready for takeoff until Spring 2020, but fans at New York Comic Con — and now you — were on Sunday given a sneak peek at the family Stone’s new, Flight 828-related crises.

When last we tuned in (what feels like 2,037 days ago!), the bizarre, sudden and watery death of opportunistic time-skipper James Griffin led Ben to form a theory that the passengers, too, have “death dates” — that they are fated to “expire” after the same number of days they were missing. Cal confirmed as much, producing a drawing of his, Ben and Mick’s tombstones dated June 2, 2024. That discovery dovetailed with Grace’s disclosure to Ben that she is pregnant, possibly with ex-lover Danny’s baby. Michaela meanwhile arrived at her apartment just as ex-fiance Jared’s struggle with “cave man” Zeke resulted in a gun going off.

Interestingly, neither of Mick’s men are spotted in the Season 2 teaser’s fresh footage, save for a cold open that reimagines events aboard Flight 828. Instead, there is talk of the “death dates,” cut short by a glowing Grace; Ben’s encounter with one of his university students (PLL: The Perfectionists‘ Garrett Wareing), coupled with an unearthed body, sparks a fight between him and Michaela; and Saanvi is, unwittingly, on the verge of sharing a major 828 discovery with the nefarious Major.

On the casting front for Season 2, Leah Gibson (Jessica Jones) will play Tamara, a bartender of an X’er hangout; she is glimpsed in the teaser attending a rally of sorts where Olive is speaking. Additionally, Carl Lundstedt (Cloak & Dagger) will play Billy, Tamara’s protective and hot-headed brother, while  Yasha Jackson (Blue Bloods) has been cast as Suzanne, a dean at the university (and an ex-girlfriend of Ben’s).

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