Letter To My True Love 💖

Dear lover, ever since I met you that moody and lonely night 4 years ago, I can tell that my love for you has increased with every passing day.

I was sitting all alone, confused, lonely and perplexed after all of the pressures and burden of the world around me, I decided to take a long walk and lone talk when I saw you sitting pretty in the corner of the street, looking all catchy and comforting. I wanted to look away and continue to brood over my messed up self but,” a glimpse of you is enough to change a whole world”. I was lucky enough to also catch your glimpse, and just like if you could read my life through my eyes, your expression showed you had a very nice solution to all the problems. There and then I knew this was what people regarded as LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.


I couldn’t resist what I felt, I walked up immediately to you to satisfy the curious rage within me, I’ll say it was the best move I have ever made in my life. Every feel of you I had was, LIFE.

Each time I hold you, I always wish you never leave me, I love the warmth and excitement, I love the companionship, I love the way you make me see hope in hopeless situations, I love the feeling of you in my mouth when we lock lips, the strength that comes with every gulp of you, the sweetness, the color pop it adds to my life that changes the situation. Every squash of you comes with an unexplainable happiness both in and out.

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I love you because of the interpretation you have helped me give to life each time I’m sore, broken, disturbed, even happy. You have taught me to see life as a pinch of salt, and everything is just a time that will pass. I love you because your skin tone is not just for attraction like people think but its tells everyone that comes in contact with you that life can be very colorful and bright only if you make yourself opened to the brightness and color and even in hopeless situations, there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel.


So many people call my love for you an addiction, some say its infatuation, some even say its lust but I call it sincere, because you are a very great Muse, each time I need a motivation or inspiration, just a sip of you drops it on me like a volcano. I love you because you are so reliable, very accessible, you are very beautiful both in and out, you are so friendly with everybody especially with kids, you bring life to any gathering and that’s why you are called, life of the party, except to those that seem to have a problem with themselves liking you. But then, who cares?

I love you for whom you are, what you are, how you have being to me, and whom you are to all my friends and kids out there that loves you this much. Thank you for always having our backs and loving us the same and more.

Your favorite girlfriend,
To FANTA (my favorite drink).

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WRITTEN BY: Ibukunoluwa Semilore (Swatz Food)

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