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How to Create Custom Instagram Highlight Icons In Less Than 5 Minutes

Over the years, Instagram has become an addiction to so many people.
A lot of new updates have been rolled on the platform, part of it is Instagram Highlight (tho it’s not new).

Tho, it’s not a new thing to most people but I discovered some people doesn’t know how to create their own custom highlight cover, some even pay people to do it.

In case you still don’t know what you can do with Instagram Highlight, with Instagram Highlight, you can categorize your IG stories into different sections and show them on your profile for as long as you want to showcase it. Creating your IG highlight covers helps in branding and make your page different.

So, why pay money when I can show you how to create your own custom Highlight cover in less than 1min 30secs.

Let’s get started! 


There are a lot of apps you can use to create your IG highlight covers but I will be using “Adobe Spark Post“. You can get it on Playstore or App store. 

1. Download Adobe Spark Post

2. Open Adobe Spark Post app and select the“+ ” to create a new template.


3. Select the solid color to choose the background for your IG highlight cover.


4. Once the template is loaded, you can scroll left to choose the color of your choice for the background.


Once you are done choosing color, click the next button to choose the template size.

5. Scroll left to choose Instagram story size and click done.


6. The next part is to add icon to the template that has been created.


Click on the “+” or “Add” button and select icon to add icon to your created template.

7. At this page you can get various types of icon.


If you want a specific icon, just type the name. e. g music, events e.t.c and do a search for it.

You can simply scroll down to see all the different icon available and choose the one you want.

8. Click on the icon to give it a color of your choice. 


Once you are done choosing your color,press done and save your template.


Viola, your IG cover is ready and would be saved in your gallery!

If you want to create more covers for your Instagram Highlight, just click on the icon to delete it and click on add icon to add another icon. 

Repeat the process to create more covers.

How To Use It As Highlight Cover on IG

1. To create a new Instagram Highlight, go to your profile and press “+” button. 

2. Type the name of your new Highlight e.g “About Me”

3. Select the newly created cover from your gallery and set as the Highlight cover.

Repeat the same process to add more Highlight covers.

Incase you have an existing highlights and you want to change the cover. 

1. Go to your profile, press and hold your finger on a highlight 

2 Select “Edit Highlight”

3. Select “Edit Cover” and choose the newly created cover from your gallery and set as the Highlight cover.

There you go! You can now customize your own Instagram Story Highlight cover easily.

I want to hear from you, drop a comment in the box.

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