Happy Birthday To Me ! & Here’s What I Have Learned So Far

It’s my birthday guysss…
Happy birthday to me! I’m a year older today and all thanks to God Almighty for bringing me this far and for keeping me.

If you know me very well, I’m not always super hyped when it comes to birthday but still I’m excited because it’s a new year. I’m getting old and I have a year left in the “Young Person” age group. (lol, thanks to HSM 416 😎).


I have so much to be thankful and grateful for. I’m thankful and grateful to God for the gift of life. I’m thankful for my family, my parents, my friends who has been part of my life since I was born till today. Thanks for your love, I’m overwhelmed.

To the reason why I’m not always super hyped about birthday is maybe because growing up, l’ve never had a birthday party or birthday cake (tho there’s always cabin biscuits and sweets 😁😁) so I guess that’s why. But still I’m always happy and grateful for a new year.

The last one year has been all about life lessons and I’m sharing some with you.


1. Love And Put Yourself First

I know this is not new to most of you all, but I have learnt to always put myself  first. So I need y’all to love yourself and put yourself first.

For anything you want to do you need to consider your choices first and make sure that at the end it will make you happy.

2. Bad Days Don’t Last Forever

There would definitely be bad days, but I want to tell you it’s temporary it doesn’t lasts forever. When the good days come, cherish and create memories of it while it last.

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3. Life Is Turn By Turn, Yours Will Come

I have come to understand that things will happen for all of us when it’s our turn. Stop beating yourself too hard to get there because your friend has something and you are yet to have yours, when it’s time it will happen for you. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Remember that what you have is another man’s prayer.  No late comer at success


4. Take Responsibility

From what I was taught in class, children starts to take responsibility for their actions between ages 8 – 11 but some people till now don’t take responsibility for their actions. You, Yes You! You need to start taking responsibility for every single thing and trust yourself and, follow your gut.

6. Let Go Of People

We need to learn how to let go of people in our life.Not everyone would be there for life.

We don’t need to hang on to the past, but rather discover the lessons and move on. Thanks to a friend of mine who told me at a certain point, we need to let go of people who don’t want to stay.

6. Watch Movies/TV Series, Youtube And Read Books

Yes, watch more movies or tv series or read books depending on what works best for you. I prefer watching tv series and movies. (I think you all know 😁)

Is there any thing you want to learn, I can tell you watching tutorials on YouTube is one of the best thing you should try out. Watch tutorials that can teach you skills and knowledge to acomplish your goals.

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7. Do Your Thing

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! Be consistent with whatever you’re doing. You don’t know who’s watching or keeping tabs on you. Just do your thing, the world awaits your greatness

8. Things May Not Go As Plan

Yes, we need to know things won’t go as planned. Last year birthday, I set some stuffs I need to achieve before this year, I was able to achieve some and I wasn’t able to achieve some. I’m not beating myself up on it, I’m trying it again this year.


9. Delay Is Not Denial

I was hoping to have been a graduate by this time and preparing to go for Service by March but look at me 😂, I’m still here with no idea about when I will be done.

What happened? ASUU STRIKE !!!

But, what I have come to understand is God has plans for us all.


10. Lastly, Be Super Grateful!

God is forever faithful to us even if we are not 100% faithful to him. We don’t need to take things for granted rather we should be grateful for any little things in our life, the people in our lives, the sun, air we breathe in and so much more. Be Grateful!

Ibukunoluwa, cheers to a better 365 days!


Thanks for reading and kindly drop any life lessons you have learnt lately

BTW therealibk.com is one too!

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  1. Happy Birthday bro…
    Thanks for this wonderful and insightful post, its a good read.

    Many more blessings to come youf way.

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