Greenleaf Finale: We Need To Come Home To Calvary

Greenleaf Finale: We Need To Come Home To Calvary

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Finale is more than just a tv series wrapping up and fans moving on; conversations are springing and reexamination of life and its everyday struggles. Lady Mae is truly virtuous and deep in spirit. She had to fulfill the desires of Bishop by wearing the wedding ring.

I loved how the family was summoned; It was glorious with peace but not taking away the fact that a great man just passed on. The graveyard scene was beautiful and the family walking home holding hands strengthened their bonds while the toast to Bishop at the dining was heavenly.

I didn’t just watch an actor delivering a role. I felt the holy spirit come down, speaking through a woman mourning her husband in the most gracious way.”Something New”.

It was deep, heavenly and an extension of what the world is currently dealing with. Don’t we just need “something new” like the calvary fellowship.

A significant Star of the Finale is AJ; what a remarkable transition. Time truly heals a lot of things and it’s quite phenomenal as he expresses healing, growth and openness with his parents and giving his life to Christ was just awesome.

Let’s share some unforgettable and memorable lines:

AJ at Dinning after Funeral:

“I just don’t understand how I can miss so much someone I barely know”.

Grace at Dinning after Funeral:

“To the Bishop”.

Kerrisa to Jacob:

“I don’t wanna confuse Winki. I don’t wanna confuse you either”.

AJ to Sophia about death:

“I still wanna see what happens when you live”.

Darius to Grace:

“I didn’t know accompany was the magic word”.

There’s so much lines that made this finale highly significant and Grace left to New York just the way she arrived at the beginning of the series. It’s more like, after our sojourn on earth, we all must return to our maker. Grace came and was significant to the struggles of the family.

If you’re yet to watch this series, please create time.


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