Everyone Is Very Bloody In ‘The Boys’ Season 2 Set Photo


The first look at season 2 of Amazon’s The Boys shows the team in a very familiar look. In the two weeks since Amazon Prime Video launched The Boys, it quickly found a strong fan base. This isn’t just because the series is based on the well-known comic from Garth Ennis, though. It’s mainly because The Boys offers a more mature, satirical, and incredibly cynical view of the world of superheroes and those who are negatively affected by their actions. In a world of entertainment that’s saturated with superhero content, it was a refreshing change of pace.

The series just recently became one of Amazon’s biggest series of all-time as well, which is great news for the streaming service. Season 2 of the Erik Kripke, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen produced series was already ordered before the series’ premiere. The response so far to The Boys has made it clear why Amazon had confidence in the show ahead of time, and the early order meant production could begin rather quickly. That’s not only good for Amazon but also for the show’s fans, as the wait hopefully won’t be too long before it returns.

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