#BlackPanther May Break Titanic’s 21-Year-Old Box Office Record


The critically acclaimed movie Black Panther continues to break records and reach milestones even after crossing the $1.1 Billion Worldwide Box Office mark, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

From its release in February, the superhero movie ripped through the box office bringing in hundreds of millions and even earning Oscar buzz.

PopSugar reports that as of Thursday, the movie had pulled in a grand total of $654.2 million at the domestic box office, which officially put it ahead of the $652.3 million Jurassic World earned in 2015 and made it the number four highest-earning movie ever in the US. However, it’s not stopping there. With the speedy way things are moving, Black Panther could surpass 1997’s Titanic this weekend to become the newest film in the number three spot, and it only needs a little over $5 million to get there.

It is already one of the biggest-grossing movies ever in raw grosses and has been outshining box office records previously held by fans favourites including The Dark Knight and Marvel’s The Avengers.

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