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About 30 was an album I so much waited for not just because it was coming from Adekunle Gold but I was so interested in listening to what the continuation of the Gold Album would look like.

Gold Album was literally or arguably my best album in the Nigerian Music Industry in the last 3 years, so my expectations of the About 30 was definitely very high.

The day finally came and we were blessed with a total of 16 tracks on the Album. I took time to listen to the Album over and over again for 4 hours so as to get a detailed meaning/interpretation of each tracks so I could get the goodies the album has to offer. Below are my thoughts about Adekunle Gold and his latest project About 30.

1. The dexterity of Adekunle Gold surprises me as he has been able to understand the lifestyle of an average Nigerian which comprises of our Social, Religious, and Cultural Values/Needs.

2. This Album tackles a lot majority of us are going through as it speaks about toxic relationships, happiness, commitment, moral value, fame, loneliness and our culture as Nigerians.

So Let’s Journey through each songs


IRE: This probably might be my best track on the album. Ire speaks about Adekunle himself about his journey of life. From my little knowledge about him, it was learnt that Adekunle was once a graphics designer and sculptor which he took as his major profession. Little did he know music was going to be the major hit for him. He took a journey of life into other profession even before he tried nurturing the super talent given to him as an artiste. Ire simply means goodness of life calling you to the spot and path of excellence and that is why we can celebrate Adekunle as the King of Urban Afro Music in Africa. This means before choosing a path, we should check within us to know our calling and what we are destined to be.

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PABLO ALAKORI: The inclusion of Simi as a backup on this track is scintillating as it speaks about the life of a young man who has used the Social Media as a tool to extort people. This songs teaches moral value and advises the youth to do the necessary into being successful instead of trying to look for the short cut. This means Adekunle understands what happens in his environment despite being a busy artiste. Pablo Alakori is therefore a wake up call to us all to do the right thing and learn to live a Good Life. Thank you King AG

DOWN WITH YOU: This is a love tune that passes the message of loyalty in relationships. He featured a fantastic vocalist on this track and it’s an amazing tune.

DAMN, DELILAH: Whoever broke King AG’s heart needs to ask for forgiveness (lol). This is a story of a young man who was hurt by his ex-lover who caused him pains. Adekunle finally realizes that the girl he thinks he’s in love with and he will sacrifice his all for turns out to be cheating and hurting him. Majority of us are finding it hard to get a faithful partner. This tune also helps in realization of toxic relationships and the strength to leave regardless of how much you care. Your mental health is key

THERE IS A GOD: Yes!!! This is the dexterity of Adekunle I earlier stated. He went deep to pass the message about God and his existence. This is a song that gives an insight about why we should believe in the existence of God and it’s good to see an artiste that understand the religious needs of man. God bless Adekunle

MAMA: This is a track in appreciation of our mothers and if there’s a song you want to use in telling your mum thank you for all she has done for you, then this is a perfect song for you. It’s good to appreciate our mothers and this is a good tune

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FAME: This track speaks about fame and how to handle the pressure when it weighs us down. We want success, we want fame but sometimes it doesn’t guarantee happiness and companionship. This song therefore analyzes the meaning that FAME doesn’t guarantee HAPPINESS. Taking decisions becomes hard once you’re famous

SURRENDER: This is another love tune that speaks about commitment in your relationship. It promotes genuine love and commitment to our partners. It’s so good having a song that promotes commitment. Let’s love, commit and give our all in our relationships.

MR FOOLISH: This track features the son of legendary musician FELA KUTI. Seun Kuti did justice giving us the Fela vibe on the track. In all we do, let’s apply common sense. Foolishness is not an option to us.

SOMEBODY: This is the current situation most of us find ourselves lately in our relationship. This song teaches contentment in relationships. No relationship is perfect but loving your partner for who they are is essential. There is always someone who does what your partner is not doing right, there’s someone who’s more beautiful, handsome and fascinating than your partner. So therefore, contentment is essential to make your relationship great.

REMEMBER: This track talks about time and fulfilment of dreams and goals. It teaches youth to chase their dreams even when they get turned down by people they felt could help them. Chase your dreams, forget the negativity and those who turned you down will remember they had an opportunity to be a part of your success story but they turned you down. If you’re also in the position to help, kindly do it. Don’t place them on conditions that negates their values. Help someone grow today.

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BACK TO START: What a song? This song speaks about the cultural value of we Nigerians, our socioeconomic value, financial value of the nation. This song takes back to the memory lane of how we grew up as kids, the fun, the unity, the lifestyle we all imbibed as a nation. It spoke about the good things that unites us as a nation. This song is asking us to embrace all we did in the past that made us a great nation. God bless Nigeria

MONEY: This song was already released months before the announcement of the album. This song simply preaches how we covet riches praying to God to bless us. Money is essential in our daily lives. We all deserve a good life

YOYO: Love yourself! Love your neighbors! Be happy! Say no to bad vibes. Keep spreading love. Good life isn’t about having all the riches in the world, you have to be happy. Live in peace and enjoy your life. Spread Love and Reject Hate

CALL ON ME: It’s another love tune and it’s a song we’ve heard for months and vibe with.

The Production, Mixing and Mastering of this album is excellent. Pheelz, Simi and Co did a great Job. If you haven’t listened to this Album, kindly get yours now. It’s worth every penny spent on it. God Bless Adekunle Gold

Rating: 9/10

Kind Regards,

Oluwafemi Anthony

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