ABIOLA ADURAGBEMI: Social Media Influencing, The New Fraud!??

Well, it’s no news of how versatile our generation has become, culturally and in many other areas of life. At this present day and age, the term “influencer” is pretty cliché. I mean, years ago if the term “influencer” was mentioned it would cover several scopes of the human life and isn’t just layered round the social media platform.

Today, the internet is filled with so called influencers and brand influencers and any other genre of influencers we have. People, understand that social media influencing is more than just being a PR, hyping events after events. Joining popular hashtags.

Statistics show that about 85% of so-called influencers are students and young people, most of which are gasping desperately to find a sense of purpose, a sense of direction.

Taking a sneak peek into the modern day dictionary, which defines “influence” as the power to AFFECT, control or manipulate someone or something. The keyword here is to “affect”, when people visit for your page or rather skims through your content, are their lives affected. If so, is it positively or negatively? Do they leave a like and drop a comment because of we can see halfway into your boobs as a lady or it’s cos of some savage twitter meme?

I mean, irrespective one whatever niche one is based, there’s always a loop hole for fun contents but that shouldn’t be the basis of a “social media influencer”. This is more than just posting pictures of celebrities, funny videos and savage twitter memes. This is a wake up call to social media icons both ones around the top and ones starting from ground up, reevaluate your message to the world.


You think you’re an influencer because you’ve got thousands of followers or hundreds of likes per post; or you presume that because you’ve got thousands of people actively engaged in your WhatsApp story, that certifies you to be an influencer.

The answer behind the appropriate definition of influencing is “what is your message to your followers, your viewers and the world in general?”. Influencing goes beyond having portrait mode pictures or pictures with celebrities all over your timeline. It is a question of message. There’s a term who people who claim to be something they’re not and that’s “Fraud”.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adetayo

    May 18, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    This guy was spot on. I argue this with people everytime. These days we equate massive followers to having influence.

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