A Short Film: SOUR GRAPE

A Short Film: SOUR GRAPE

A little girl at the age of 9 begins to plan her wedding budget. She has chosen her aso-ebi material at the age of 12 and by age 14, the men come for her. Dragging the fragile bodies of little girls from their childhood. Pulling their immature mind into responsibilities.

And when asked why, the Mother’s scream out, “Education is not for her”, “A woman’s place is in the kitchen”, “A Mother knows best”.

Slowly, their future disappears, go missing in the four wall containers of a full housewife, locked up in the vacuum of a confined marriage. To this new life, they’ll learn the complicated language of Motherhood.

And somewhere, somehow. A little girl cries out as she’s given birth to. She’ll learn that her choices are not her own, that her body is not her own.

. A movie for all.


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