2019 Year In Review: My 5 Best Performance In A TV Series

2019 Year In Review: My 5 Best Performance In A TV Series

Hello guys, I’m kicking off my  with My 5 Best Performance in a TV Series. With a lot of TV series being produced these days, I was able to catch up with quite a number of them and they were amazing.

Here are my 5 best performances of 2019 all the actors who made me laugh, cry and more.

1. (Rue)

Let me say, I wasn’t really a fan of Zendaya before not until I watched Euphoria. Her performance in Shake It Up, Greatest Showman, Spider-Man: Far from Home is not like the one in Euphoria. Like, she made me stay glued to my TV from episode 1 to the end. She played Rue, a broken and lost high school kid who is a drug addict. Zendaya embodied the character in such a way you can understand and definitely relate to her grief, anger, mischief.

2.  Comer – Killing Eve (Villanelle)

Killing Eve is Jodie Comer breakout. She’s has been working steadily on TV since 2008. In killing Eve, she played a flamboyant psychopath’s assassin, Villanelle. She brings in a funny, childish, human, alien, terrifying, vulnerable, petty, cruel to her role in the movie. It’s the kind of performance you can’t afford to look away from. She was meant to be a Villain but you will definitely fall in love with her character. She won Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series this year. Least I forget, she made been an assassin fun and easy lol.

3. Jhareel Jerome – ()


Yea..I’m sure you have seen “When They See Us” and you know Jhareel Jerome who portrayed Korey Wise, then you will agree with me he did a great job. He made me emotional through his performance especially when he was going through all those devastating raw physical and sexual abuse in prison. Jhareel playing both the teenage and adult versions of Korey Wise is exceptional. He also won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie this year.

4. Regina King – Watchmen (Angela Abar)

I watched a whole 7 episodes of Watchmen last week and instantly I concluded to add her to this list because of her iconic performance as Angela Abar. Regina King shows how it is possible to defend anything you want, defending yourself, your family. She plays her role with a level of humanity. By the way, Watchmen is a good series.

5. Natasha Lyonne – (Nadia Vulvokov)

If you have watched ‘Orange is the new black’ then you will know how good Natasha so I was not really surprised when I saw her playing Nadia Vulvokov in Russian Doll. Her performance makes Russian Doll as one of Netflix breakout series this year because of the way she played her complete apathy, mild amusement, and existential terror throughout her character’s frequently fatal journey, and her reactions to her the predicament are hilarious, despite all the death and destruction.



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