You’re Your Own Motivation

While on bike today
I started having a conversation in my head
I pictured myself talking to secondary school students
I was the audience and also the speaker.

Me To My Imaginary Audience…
If you ever think of something
Something you’re sure the outcome would be very beneficial to you
Never take chances
Just do it.

You might get to the middle and just feel like it’s a mess already, probably because you don’t know the next thing to do
But trust me, if you don’t give up on it
It would come out well.

Myself for example
I’m a chanced writer
I write mostly imaginary stories
So, it just when the idea comes that I have something to write
There were times I would write a story
Then I would get to a point and feel blank
Nothing more is coming to my big head
So I just feel ‘no, this story is stupid’
Then I delete
After some days
I would then have an idea of how to complete the story
Which I deleted already
So it’d just result to a waste
After I noticed this, I stopped deleting unfinished stories
Some I get to finish
Others would be left hanging in my memo.

Summary of everything is just be patient with whatever you’re doing
Things you know the outcome would be beautiful
Don’t rush it
In due time, things would fall in place for your favor.

The End
I had to stop cause I felt I was running mad already
Like I was demonstrating with my hands while on bike


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