What Are Your Plans For Valentine?


What’s good people?

Valentine’s day is in few days and alot of individuals don’t have plans for it.

When I was chatting with a friend about her plans for Valentine she revealed to me she has no arrangement talkless of plans since she doesn’t have a beau.

Truly, Valentine is a day set aside for “LOVE” however it doesn’t mean you need to be locked in or in a relationship to celebrate it, you can celebrate it with anybody by showing love and adoration to them.

I will list different ways you can spend you your Valentine’s day.


1. Go through the day with your Family: Family is everything. Family is first to people like me. You can astonish your family on Valentine’s day. In case you’re remaining far from them, astonish them with a visit, take them out for an exceptional treat or compose a little supper for them at home if you can bear the cost of it.


2. Go through it with you Friend(s): We as a whole have that friend who has been with us through various challenges. I believe Valentine’s day is a day to demonstrate to them that it is so flawless to have them in our life. Celebrate your own


3. Go out on a date: Do you have somebody who has been approaching you out for a date or you have somebody who you need to approach out for a date, I believe Valentine’s day is a day to go out with him/her. Offer love with each other.


4. Netflix and Chill: Yea, you heard me right. Netflix and chill ?, despite the fact that Internet Service Provider won’t not give somebody a chance to shine in this country.

You can spend your day by choosing some cool movies like “”Beauty and the Beast, Jane the Virgin, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Safe Haven“” and some other cool movies and watch them.

Order Pizza or Shawarma or Popcorn alongside a nice drink and binge watch your movies/TV Series.


5. Spend time with Orphans and the Special Children: Valentine’s day is likewise a day to indicate love to the orphans, less privilege , special kids. You can get cake and ask some of your celebrate to celebrate with them, influence them to feel loved.

6. Do Nothing: After all it’s just another day of the year.

In case you ask me, I’m unquestionably going through mine with the orphans and special children.

Shouldn’t something be said about you?

Share your plans with me in the comment section.

  1. Olaitan Bobade says

    Lool. Number 6 got me sha. That’s probably what I’d be doing. It’s just another day of the year to me. Internet service providers in Nigeria will absolutely ruin Netflix in this country ?. I enjoyed reading this post.

    1. TheRealIBK says

      They will definitely ruin it.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Adeola says

    This is beautiful. Well done…. family first ‼️

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