The Begining Of An End – Ayeesh

I was walking hopelessly along the highway, feeling extremely chattered and broken. I just received the greatest shock of my life, I’ve never thought this would ever happen to me. My thoughts drove me nuts, i was bewildered. I couldn’t actually figure out if it was my head or my heart pumping blood because both seemed to be banging hard. My legs took total control over my body, and endlessly walked towards a direction that obviously do not have a known destination.

The strength of my whole body was mysteriously taken by my legs and they seemed not to want to stop. I walked faster and faster till i started running. At this point, i felt like i was going insane, a part of me was whispering for help, because those legs just couldn’t stop.  I heard a loud scream just behind me “Madam, wh the hell are you running on the highway?!!!”, the voice was a miniature suppression of the state i was in; as it only reduced the pace of my race but didn’t stop me from running. The race still didn’t stop, i was sweating profusely till all of a sudden i felt an arm dragging me back “Please stop”, pl–ea-se, he said as he gasped for air. Ar– Are you trying to kill yourself? Whatever it is we can talk it out, please!  “L–eave me! i don’t know you, and i don’t wish to, let me face this wicked world alone!!! L—-eave me!!!” i said as i tried to drag my hand away from his. I cried so loud, as i reluctantly followed him down to his car, “i don’t want to; Noooo!!

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