REVIEW: Indo Baba – Sho Le

‘Sho Le’ is a track that expresses generosity to your lover no matter what she wants.

Indo Baba first single off 2018 , ‘Sho Le’ (Is it hard in English)  just brought back nostalgic feelings, It sounds different from the norm.

This song basically talks about how guys should be spending for their lover. He emphasize on being generous yo ones lover.

Indo Baba’s delivery and passion in every song always make him stand out in whatever he does. This song shows the the distance he would go to fulfill all the promises he has made for that special someone. I can tell you these lyrics of the song will resonate more than the actual song.

A club banger with so much content lyrically than most of our normal songs right now, Indo Baba deserves so much credit for this song. The song took us to our emotional spot with its relatable lyrics and catchy sounds, only feat for an experienced person.

‘Sho Le’ will make you want to shower your girl with much love and money

Watch the video below:

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