Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

Happy New Month Folks! Welcome to March.

Every entrepreneur dream is to have a business that is blooming. Right now in the world, every business has gone digital either on social media or websites . Everyone is strifing so hard to make sure he/she is ontop of his/her business game.

Businesses also need blogs if they intend to reach their goals, grow their brand and make it successful. Here are some of the reasons why your business needs a blog:

It Will Help You Build Your brand

Every business needs online branding. A business with great online brand image has an edge in the competitive market no matter the industry.

When talking about online branding, I’m not talking about only on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c), people tend to make this mistake a lot by excluding blogs out of their online branding plan. A blog gives you an opportunity to share useful and interesting contents with your audience.

Your blog also is also the best place to share your business story with your customers, introduce and give more detailed information about your new products and all other need to know information.

A Blog Will Boost Your Social Media Presence

If you have a well written blog article on your blog, you can easily get your customers to read about it by simply posting a link to the story on social media.

For example, someone who is into Makeup Artistry business and she plans on giving free weekly or monthly tutorials on making contouring or anything related to makeup, people would like to stay in touch with her blog, because she does not only churn contents on her blog but she also gives out great tips for free.!

Through your social media pages you can build a medium to engage with your audience and get fans to share your blog contents on their social  media pages.

By doing so, you would begin to notice a spike in your social media presence. Make sure you have social media sharing buttons on your blog so that readers can easily share your blog posts on their  social media accounts.

A Blog Will Help You In Growing Your Email List

Yes, you might be wondering how an email list will improve your business. You can use your blog to increase your email list thereby increasing your sales.

On your blog’s homepage, add add a newsletter subscription form where visitors can easily enter their email addresses to get updates from you once you have a new content on the blog.

So, how can it grow your sales? A business with a strong email list can capture sales through promotions.

You can write an email about your upcoming sale, newsletter or about your new products and send to your customers/fans. By doing so you would be able to communicate with your customers directly and they would get to know about your upcoming products.

A Blog Is Another Source Of Income For Your Business

Having a blog can also generate a small income for you which you can invest in your business. There are lots of ways to generate income from your blog (we would be discussing this later). You can easily sign up for Google Adsense and apply with your blog once you have nice and unique contents.

It Will Build Your Public Relations

A blog will build your public relations game in such a way that you will have your own unique voice.

In a case where you need to release a press release for your new products or services, you will have the medium to through which you can make such announcements. You wouldn’t have a need to use someone else’s platform. It will also help you to engage with your customers through the comments section.

If your business have a blog, it will go a long way in helping your business public relations and marketing strategy.


Make the effort to start a blog now and grow your business. (Contact me if you need to set up your blog)

Do you have a blog for your business already? Let me know how it has benefits your business in the comments

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