Naked Weapon

Sometimes back I met the love of my life or so I thought. I met Deboye at the mall where I went to spoil myself a little before I get back to school.

He approached me after talking for an hour or so I realized our sense of humor was on the same level (No, I wasn’t crushing). We exchanged contacts.

After 2 weeks and some days I got a call from him asked if we could hangout
I said yes even before he completed his sentence. (Honestly, it’s not my fault, IT was tiring and I just needed to cool off before I return to the ‘VILLAGE’).The venue was the same place we met.

Deboye asked me out after numerous hangouts with him. I agreed to date him (He’s a cool guy, so who wouldn’t  ??‍♀).The first few weeks of dating was so awkward I’ve been so single that I’ve forgotten how to love.

Deboye is like the first person I went out with very well since I started dating.On one occasion, he said we were going to the club. It was that day I realized my boyfriend is a chimney.

That was the first time I took ‘shisha’ too and a couple of drinks I never tasted in my life. The next day I woke up with migraine. It was so intense that I felt I was going to die I was choking as well I managed to open my eyes and the room was filled with smoke Deboye was smoking. (It was my first night at his place, so I never had the chance he’s much of a smoker).

I got flashes of the event of the previous day, ??Olaoti, you smoked, I didn’t plan this for myself, I was more than angry at myself that I totally forgot about Deboye. I picked my things up told him I was going home, I left before he could say anything.

One time after the smoking ish I was with Deboye and his smoking habit came up I realized that he was more than addicted. He even drinks gin ??, I decided to borrow him my 1 cent told him the risks and all. He gave me this ‘you that smoked shisha’ look and I ignored and continued with my ‘speech’ (He said I was giving a speech).

He then said ‘nothing can happen to him, that his dad is in his late 60’s and he smokes and drinks too’ and he’s very much agile, so I should cut it. It was at this point I gave up but the love I had for him had grown to the extent that I chose to ignore that part of him.

School resumed faster than expected
I got back to school and Deboye focused on his photography. Barely 6 weeks into resumption there was a clash in school and students were asked to go home, I didn’t inform Deboye I was coming home,I wanted it to be a surprise ?.

I called Deboye after talking for a while I asked where he was He said he was at home.
Me: kilode, no plans for the day?
Deboye: no jare, I need rest
Me: you are just lazy, nothing more
Deboye: osheyy o, hardworker
Me: ode, I’d talk to you later jare
Deboye: alright baby, be good, love you
Me: love you too, bye

It was around 9 in the morning,so I should get to his place before noon.So I picked some of my things and I was off to Deboye’s.

I got to his place past 12,knocked and a lady opened the door, I got the shock of my life. The position I found Deboye wasn’t what I was expecting not today or anytime soon. I took a closer look at him hot tears flowed down my cheeks I tried to figure out what might have gone wrong but my mind was just blank.

Deboye was lying helplessly on his bed, he was a shadow of himself already and his bones were more than visible, I was staring at a human skeleton with a bit of flesh.He just smiled and asked how I was doing and I replied him ‘not until you tell me what’s going on’.

The lady introduced herself as Tinu, Tinu is Deboye’s cousin who is also a nurse. Tinu explained to me that Deboye has TB and amongst other things but he’s getting better now

Me: getting better and he’s like this
Tinu: I’m serious, you need to have seen him 2 weeks ago, he was even vomiting blood as at then
Me: why didn’t he say anything to me, and how come I didn’t figure from his voice
Tinu: look at you, it’s not like he’s weak and can’t speak now
Me: are you sure he’d be alright?
Tinu: certainly, if he stops the gin and stops smoking so the drugs can work very well
Me: so he’s still smoking with everything that’s happening to his life?
Tinu: I caught him smoking yesterday
Me: are you even sure he’s still sane like this.

I looked at Deboye and asked him if he was mad or something is wrong with him, he didn’t reply. It’s not even like I was expecting to reply. I told him I was going home and would check on him in the evening.

Deboye died on the 15th of June before he died it was gathered that his lungs were damaged.

If tears and pleas to God could bring him back. If only I hadn’t smoked that useless shisha that dah he probably would have listened to me.

How can a smoker advise another smoker ??‍?

I feel I have his blood in both palms
I killed Deboye
Will my life ever remain the same?
Will the guilt ever leave?
Will his spirit forgive me?
I have loads of questions to ask him

Or am I running mad with my thoughts ?


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