Letter To Dara

I met Dara in my first year in school
Dara is the sweetest person I ever met
This is someone that lends a helping hand without you asking

Dara and I while in our 2nd year were already an inseparable duo
We do almost everything together
Except together

Year 2, second semester…
I was going through a heartbreak then
And she was the only one that could see everything behind my smile
The boyfriend I thought I had was a mess
He lies about everything and when I get to ask him, he’d get angry and threaten to hit me
The day finally came, he hit me and that was the end of the relationship for me
Even though he came back begging and all of that
(Let’s save Malik’s story for another day)

Dara was there for me at my lowest and at times I just feel I’m indebted in her
Three weeks after what happened between Malik and I
Dara called me and said she has a boyfriend now
I was surprised cos she never mentioned the guy to me
Then she said it’s someone she met sometimes back and he asked her out when I had my ish
Quite understandable, we talked about the guy
I did a little research  (as per upcoming FBI agent 😎)

I wasn’t jealous of their relationship because I was single rather I was happy Dara finally met someone she likes
Permit me to call her a psycho

Tayo (Dara’s boyfriend) is someone from a very rich, well to do background
Trust me to always tag along whenever they ask me to follow them anytime they want to go out

Dara started hanging out with girlfriends of Tayo’s friend
They started doing ‘girlfriends of rich kids’
That still didn’t stop my love for Dara
Not until I asked her to take things slow
It was then I became her sworn enemy

Tayo got Dara a new laptop (cos she was having issues with the one she brought from her house) and an iPhone 8
I called Dara and told her I have no issue with her boyfriend but the things she’s getting from him
‘You know your mum is a disciplinarian, where will you tell her you got these things from? ‘
The best thing she could reply with was
‘ Olaoti, I don’t know what your problem is but I’ve noticed a change in you since I started dating Tayo, stop hiding under the canopy that you care about what my mum will say when I go home for the semester break, you should rather care about the hate in your heart’
This coming from Dara was more than surprising for me cos I wasn’t expecting this at all

I decided to tell a friend to help me talk to her and see things from my own perspective
Because I wasn’t ready to lose a friend like Dara
Asking a friend talk to Dara was another terrible mistake as she wasn’t having any of it
Cos she felt I was telling telling people about her private life
It was then I realized that you can’t change the mindset of someone who isn’t ready to change…

Adebowale Oluwadaramisi,
I hope you get to see this and understand that I have your best interest in mind and I wouldn’t do anything to defame you or make you feel less
I enjoyed the memories we shared and I hope we’d still have more together
I Love You and I Miss You.


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