Lessons I Learnt From “13 Reasons Why”

Hey it’s me, Kuti Ibukun *In Hannah Baker’s Voice*

What’s good people? Happy New Week.

I finally got time to finish the second season of “13 Reasons Why” this last week after a busy and hectic week.

“13 Reasons Why” is a thirteen episodes series by Netflix based on the book by Jay Asher. The series reveals what bullying and harm words can have on those around you, even if it wasn’t intended.

“13 Reasons Why” teaches many lessons that can help to improve our daily life.

Sit tight, grab a popcorn, sip zobo and let me share some lesson from the series.

1. Your Words Matter, Mind What You Say

Everything we say matters, we may think these words don’t matter but they do. Many of us don’t think twice about what we say before saying them.

Just because you think they’re “just words” or you “didn’t mean it” or weren’t intending on them being hurtful, doesn’t mean that they aren’t. Think about what you say before you say it.

2. There Will Be People Who Suck And Be People Who Don’t Suck In Our Life

Moving from one place to another doesn’t necessarily mean we will move away from people who suck and meet does who don’t suck. Hannah’s family moved away from one town, so they could start over, but that didn’t do anything in the end. It’s impossible to move away from the sucky people, but you can do your best to avoid them. Hannah talked about it in the series that — maybe she had been hanging out with the wrong people all along.

3. Don’t Cover Up Your Problems

Covering up our problems does not make them go away. If anything bad happen to you or someone does anything bad to you, it’s good to seek for help. We shouldn’t try to cover it up and keep it inside because if we do it will might eat us alive. Talk to someone you can trust.

4. Don’t Be Scared To Tell Someone You Love Them, SHOOT YOUR SHOT!

Please don’t be scared to tell someone you love them or to shoot your shot because you may end up being all they have.

In the series, Clay loved Hannah, but he was too scared to shoot his shot not knowing it was all his love Hannah needed to convince herself that she really mattered.

5. Don’t Trust Everyone.

Don’t trust everyone you meet because most people you meet are just with you for their own sake and interest.

6. Check On People!

Just because someone is acting fine, doesn’t mean that they are.

People cover up with fake smile and they are fighting an internal battle which you know nothing about, so be nice with people and check on them.

Don’t make assumptions that they are fine because they are smiling or laughing, always check on them once in a while.

7. Suicide Is Not The answer.

At our weakest moment, we are stronger than we think and I’m sure we can get through it.

Hannah Baker experienced some incidents which led to her sucide. She felt worthless and unheard which made her to commit sucide. The thing is, shit happens in life, we are going to feel worhtless but the thing is SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER.

Suicide harms the people around us too (just like Clay) than just the person committing it.

We’re all loved and well have a purpose in life.


A very big thank you to Netflix and the producers for creating a series like this.

If you have seen the series, kindly share with me, the lessons you learnt from the series.

If you haven’t seen it, kindly do so.

Thanks for stopping by 🌟!

  1. Harbim says

    You have said it all.. Can’t wait for season 3

    1. The Real IBK says

      I can’t too… Thanks for stopping by 🌟

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