Granny Is Dead

I was seated on a hard wooden chair with my numb hands locked together, as if they were waiting for their final verdict. The smell of the hospital filled the whole air and i wish i could hold my breath forever.

  Lying close to me was my 70 year old grandma, my only family. I have lived the whole of my life hoping i could give her every single thing she want and every help she needed, she deserved the whole world. But here i am, i couldn’t even help her breathe, “How useless”! 

    Even with the breathing aid, she is struggling to breathe. I was crying and dying inside as i watched her, i stayed stiff on the chair like an electrified bird. Somehow, i already knew the end, and i was unconsciously waiting for it.

  Granny has been my mum and dad since i lost them to a bomb explosion when i was only 7. She has been my sibling, since i had none. She has also been my teacher since we couldn’t afford a school. Even after i schooled through scholarship and made new friends, she remained my best friend.

     She has been treating COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) for years, she never joked with her medication not even for once. Little did i know it had developed into cancer, and had been killing granny slowly. 

  The doctor said she is in her last stage of lung cancer and it there is no remedy. Not even a chemotherapy! Not even a pill! except miracle! Miracle does exist but very rare. Can my life ever remain the same? Would i ever be happy? Those questions stiffened my muscles.

   They stiffened my muscles. I was in great shock.

   To my surprise, granny called my name, she hadn’t talked for days. I stood up from where i was in a hurry to hear her out. I thought there was going to be a miracle. My naive mind began to play tricks, maybe i was only looking for tranquility.  Granny said, “Death is not an extinguisher of light, it is only putting out the lamp because dawn has arrived”. I felt weak in my legs, did i just hear death? 

 Tears trickled down my cheeks, i thought the end had come, she held my hands and said again “you were created into this world, because you were strong enough to live in it, let love find you, You’ll survive. …I love you. Her voice was weak and low and she struggled to say every word.

  Granny, i love you too, but i do not want you talking about death. Don’t leave grandma, i murmured. We held hands for couple of hours but she didn’t utter anymore words, she kept holding my hands very firm with all the strength she had. Soon after, she began to release her tight grip gradually and her eyes closed slowly. Her hands became cold and the doctor said she was dead. But her last words never died, i held onto them.

 Years after, love found me truly and i was happily married and blessed with twin girls. I survived, that was the real miracle…


  1. Arisekola says

    nice one!

  2. Ojb says

    Can’t wait to see the best of you…. I know this is just a freestyle….. Nice one dear..I really enjoyed it.

  3. IreMide says

    Thumbs up🖤

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