Girls’ Code

OlaTilewa 💜
I broke up with Tile after I found out he has a girlfriend
And I was just a ‘spare part’
A plan B
He was passing time with me
When I felt I’ve found peace with him
I had to break up with him after I found out cos I placed my self in the girlfriend’s position
All I had in my head was ‘how would I feel if I found out my boyfriend was cheating?’

‘Tile was everything anyone can actually want for a boyfriend
He’s someone who is ready to listen to anything I have to say even when he’s tired
At times I feel I’m just being selfish
Talk about someone that supports your breathe

Letting go wasn’t all that easy
We still made out after I found out about the girlfriend
I figured he was really into me
But he loves the girl way too much
But girls and our wahala
They were always having issues and he found solace in me

One time I was at his place
We talked and made out
He was going through my gallery and saw Bibi’s picture
Bibi happen to be one of those girls I met randomly
But we’ve become so close that she could pass for my sister
He asked for Bibi’s number
Which I called  and told her about
She said it was fine

Bibi was quick to allow her emotions get to her
I told her everything about Tile except for the part where we dated
She told me Tile asked her out
And she feels she likes him too
Though she’s aware he has a girlfriend
Which they’re not so cool
I had to make her understand that Tile wasn’t going to leave the girlfriend for her
Asides from the fact that I’m not totally over Tile
I just didn’t want her to get into the web I’m still trying so hard to get out of

OlaTilewa Davies happen to be someone that’s very good with words
So it’s easy for him to have his way
At times I feel guilty for not explaining everything to Bibi
But then, I really don’t want to ruin things between them
I don’t want to be a killjoy
Two people getting close doesn’t necessarily have to end up in relationship
Something might happen asides dating, who knows?
I wouldn’t want a simple ‘we dated’ to ruin anything


Photo Credit: Lexonart

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  1. Ire says

    Very nice piece baby🖤

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