Don’t Be A Bug In The Name Of Dating

Everyday these people I call my friends keep reminding me about my single life
Well, it’s totally not my fault that I choose to stay single
But then, who do I blame?
Being single isn’t all that bad, if you ask me
At least it creates room for self love and understanding oneself
I’m a kind of person that gets tired when in a relationship
Maybe not really
Cos I had just one I got tired of
Here’s the gist

I started dating Korede sometimes in 2014
Then I had zero worries, nothing was stressing my life out, I had everything intact
Or so I thought
Korede was the calmest person I know then
When he’s with me, he acts as though he never seen a girl before
I had a kind of thing on him
That I can’t explain
He calls like every hour of the day
Which I was enjoying when we started dating
I was enjoying it then cos I missed being given attention


Two months into the relationship
The calls were already annoying
It felt like he was bugging my life
I wasn’t used to receiving calls like that
Well, I told him on one occasion that I wasn’t really down for the calls
I never realize he would make a big deal out of it
Well, he said a lot of things
Like I wasn’t appreciative enough
That he’s doing all this to create a bond
And some other things
That night he said he wasn’t going to call for a week, if it was okay by me
I felt relieved sort of
I won’t have anyone disturbing my life

I blocked him from calling me before I went to bed
And my phone was also on ‘do not disturb’
The next morning
I got an e-mail notification
The mail was from him
I didn’t bother checking cos I knew it would be one of his ‘good morning sms’

Even though he already said he won’t call for a week
3 days later, I was already missing him
I dialed his number but it wasn’t going through
Kept diverting
His messages on WhatsApp won’t deliver
I’m not really a complicated person
I was just tired of the calls
Not him
I have none of his friends number cos he calls only with his number
Showing up at his place isn’t just an option for me

5 days after
I realized I had to go for the only option I left
I got to his place after a lot of thinking
I met Dayo ( his friend that stays with him)
He said he traveled to Belarus a day after I saw him
Dayo had this ‘you didn’t know’ expression written all over his face
After standing for some seconds and not knowing what to say, I had to fake a call to leave there

I was mad at Korede for a whole lot of reason
Even if we had a stupid agreement of not calling me
This was different
Then I remembered he sent a mail
‘ I know I said I wasn’t going to call for a week, but I had to call to let you know what’s up with me but your number wasn’t going through, I got an emergency call from my dad after you left last night that I have to be in Belarus by evening, I’ll let you know how things go, Love you’

I replied the mail
‘I miss you a lot, call me as soon as possible, Love you’
It was over a week and I haven’t heard from Korede
I had to see Dayo again to know if he called him or something, he just gave a negative response

The second week,
Korede called
On a normal day I would have waited for the phone to ring for some seconds before picking up
But this particular call was different
I picked up almost immediately
Korede and his friend lied to me that he traveled
He never traveled
He said he wanted me to know how much this little things count
Well, I couldn’t agree less
After talking and explaining everything
He promised to see me the next day


Korede got back on WhatsApp
We talked about how the whole week went
And how much I missed him

Things got back to normal
But the rate at which he calls multiplied
I tried talking to him about it
But he’d always make me feel like I’m a terrible being
But the actual truth was that he was bugging my life
And if I don’t pick up
It’s another problem on my end
There was a time he felt I was even seeing someone else
It got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore
The fact that he gets angry cos I don’t pick his calls makes me insane

Yeah, we broke up
If you’re about to blame me for this, it’s totally fine
But then, have a rethink about it
Someone calls you like every hour of the day
He won’t want to know if you’re busy or not
A missed call and we have a problem
Trust issues were not left out
Wait, who wouldn’t get tired?
Dating someone doesn’t mean you should be a leech
Or was I supposed to put my life on hold cos I have a boyfriend?

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Photo Credit: LexonArt

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