Always Define Your Relationship

So I happen to date someone that wasn’t dating me 😌
So here’s the gist

On one very fine day,
I went to KFC (Ilupeju)
Sat at our (Dami and I) usual spot
I was on my own with last pieces of fries and drink
I heard someone tap the table
Asked if he could sit with me
I just managed to nod ( forming ‘I have table manners’ )
I was eating and also expecting him to start a conversation
But no, he just kept eating his ‘boss burger’
I just had to think of what I could do to make him talk to me
I wanted him to talk to me cos he’s fine asf
Fine, tall, dark and nice eyeballs
I was already thinking of how our wedding would go
The number of kids and how beautiful our family would be
It never occurred to me that I already have a huge smile on my face
He noticed and we made eye contact
Was I embarrassed? yes, sort of
I had no choice than to fake cough
This uncle just kept looking at me( like he knew I was faking it)
I had to stop when he didn’t say a thing
I took my drink and finished up the drink
He then asked ‘are you alright now?’
Me: Yeah, thanks (avoiding to make eye contact with him)
Him: I’m TemiDire, Dire for short tho
Me: I’m OlaOtii
Him: it’s nice to meet you miss
Me: nice to meet you as well
We exchanged contact and that was it
(I’ve finally found the LOML 💃)

In less than 2 months
Dire and I became close
We’d talk and chat for hours
We went to the cinema together and do all PDA

16th of February
Dire’s birthday
I made a cake for him and bought him this very nice perfume
Got to his place and met this fine aunty
I greeted her and she replied nicely
Which made my mind at rest
Dire came out, hugged me
I gave him what I brought for him
And was waiting for him to tell me who the aunty is
He didn’t disappoint me
Dire: Baby girl, this is Mayowa, she’s my girlfriend and baby girl for life me
He hugged and kissed the aunty
I was already having lots of things running through my mind
All the ‘PDA’ I said I was doing with Dire was just hugs o and we just took pictures
I thought I was going to pass out ( the way they do in nollywood movies)
But no, I was just there looking blank
It was then it occurred to me that all the dating thing was in my head
This is someone I already married and have kids with (my imagination)

Dire: OlaOtii
Me: sorry, nice to meet you sis
I just had to fake a smile
Then told Dire I had to leave that I’d check on them in the evening
He just said no problem, that he’d be expecting me, so we could at least hangout
Then I left

I had to go home straight cos my head was aching real bad
I took paracetamol
Then I had to think about all that happened again
Dire didn’t ask me out
We never made out
We were just good friends
But I was too single to stupor that I was already dating him in my head
A part of me was glad it wasn’t long before I knew he has a girlfriend
And the other part of me was just indifferent 😐


  1. Ire says

    I love this🖤

  2. Lisa says

    Sorry ooo

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