ADEYENI OLUWADAMILOLA: 5 Life Lessons To Pull Off From Game Of Thrones

Since Game of Thrones officially hits the stop button with their final episode, It sounds about right we pull out some life hack from the HBO series that blew our mind away…Let’s get right into it:

1.) Never Forget What You Are, Wear It Like A Armor And It Can Never Be Used To Hurt You

A bully’s words are only as strong and painful as the fear they instill into people. Once the fear vanishes, the words don’t hurt anymore. Be proud of who you are, whatever you are and it’ll never be used against you

2.) What Is Dead May Never Die

It’s okay to fail so many times, It’s okay to break down and hit rock bottom, use that to rebuild yourself because then the only place left to go is back up where you belong, stronger and wiser

3.) A Lion Doesn’t Concern Himself With The Opinions Of A Sheep

You have your whole life planned out already and you are smart enough to live it. But remember, if you do something, it should be because you want to do it, not because other people approve of it.

4.) Only In Fear, Do We Find Courage

Perhaps our greatest strength are unleashed only when being afraid is all that’s left to do. In that moment and many more fears to come, we become brave.

5.) What Do We Say To The god of death? Not Today!

And if we can just believe that there are more to life than just our failures, shortcomings and downtimes. We would stare into the gods of suicide and depression and say, “Not Today, not tomorrow, not ever”

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