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Hi y’all, How are you guys?? In about a week I’ll be done with uni scratch that! I’m done now!! and over the years I looked back reflecting and all that, I realized how much I’ve grown, heck! if I met my 100level me today I’d be so mad at her but you know what they say about the mistakes we make defining us.

But really, I’ve always been in my house, never went to boarding school, uni was the first time I had to live outside my house( lol my mom cried like a baby) , I never used to go out at home or anywhere else( confirm “get inside” child) so you can imagine how crazy it had to be for me. PLEASE WHO CAN RELATE? Sigh I can’t be the only one.

however , I’ve learnt so much from the uni this past 4years. I mean the first thing I learnt was Everyone in first year isn’t 16 Lol I learnt this one the hardest way possible! Besides that, here are a few other things the university taught me ;

Ease up and Live!


I didn’t officially step out of my school gate until the first semester of my 3rd year. Lol out of 4 years o! Smh! I was too uptight, I used to overthink things a lot(I still do) , I was scared, I wanted to be in control of whatever was going to happen and I knew that for as long as I stayed “indoors” I’d have no problems. But once I did, I figured why not live a little, the tension reduced

Keep in touch with your friends at home

Honestly being in a new environment with new people in a new place can be so overwhelming, but over the years I learnt to keep in touch with my friends at home, at the end of the day, when the session/semester is over you’ll still end up at home with them

Treat yourself

Absolutely! Many at times, we tend to work so hard in the uni. Read for exams, do assignments,group work, tests etc. when you stress yourself so much you deserve a good time . So treat yourself, Get a nice dinner, different from what you regularly have or more in quantity or go to a spa, Whatever can make you happy. God know I’m keeping this tradition even now that I’m done

*Back in school, my friends and I used to wait till after our last exam of the semester to get this really nice catfish peppersoup from outside school lol good times

Pick your friends WISELY


I got lucky in this department *yes I’m bragging* lol s/o to my girls. The university is FUN but its TOUGH, Super Tough! Surround yourself with friends who have your back. There are some incredibly beautiful souls in college. I can’t thank God enough for the ray of sunshine friends he brought me.

Call your family.

“It’s good to check up on your family and not just when you need money or you’re in trouble or you need help” My mum didn’t let me hear the end of this one, sigh we had multiple fights over this calling thing. I’m glad we did cuz now no matter how busy I get, I always call them… or text…. mostly text but it’s better than nothing lol.

It’s OK to say “no”

Growing up I used to be so much of a “people pleaser”. I’d say Yes to everything even things I wasn’t okay with, no because I was stupid but I had that ” I’d rather make someone else happy/I don’t want to hurt your feelings” phase.

It’s Okay to hurt someone’s feelings. I learnt that in the university, everything can’t go right . You have to learn to stand your ground.


I did as much as I could, I went on excursions, we traveled. Even though I get car sick, I always like to see new things in new places


Participate in stuff

Be a part of something, don’t just go through the school, let the school go through you too

That will be all for now you guys…

How was growing up for you?

Were you allowed to go out or were you a “get inside” child like me?

Do you have any suggestions?

Please leave a comment

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