5 Places To Travel During Ramadan On A Budget

Ever thought of going on a vacation  Ramadan period? But when you think of the cost,you’re taken back?

Worry not let’s plan your flight from Lagos to Dubai or any other countries to suit your budget

1.) Malaysia: Malaysia is a destination, perfect for fasting visitors during Ramadan, and perhaps Eid too! Being a Muslim country, there is absolutely no shortage of prayer and food facilities in Malaysia, during Ramadan. Owing to the nation’s fascinating cultural diversity, Malaysia’s comes forth as a rather unique and exotic travel destination to revel in a memorable Ramadan 2018 experience. Live up to the Ramadan vibes like never before as you make your way through Kuala Lumpur’s bustling night markets, bazaars, and special food markets that offer an array of mouth-watering traditional delicacies and desserts, along with special performances and traditional dances. Celebrate Ramadan in Malaysia to relish the famous “bubur lambuk”, a delicious, creamy rice porridge made using meat, spices, and coconut milk.

2.) Morocco: The stunning Grand Mosque in Casablanca, the spectacular scenery and exotic souks of Marrakesh, the pulsating Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakesh’s old city quarter, and the insanely delicious local food make Morocco one of the most coveted destinations for Muslims to travel to, during Ramadan. For a more traditional experience, head to Fes Medina, a popular hub of Muslim culture, and home to a multitude of mosques, and the world’s oldest university – al-Qarawiyyin.

3.) Egypt : Owing to its rich history, some of the most enchanting Islamic architecture, and a fascinating cultural heritage, Egypt is indeed a delightful place to ring in the holy month of Ramadan 2018! Be it luxurious resorts and myriad halal food options in Cairo, or the stunning beach destinations of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, visitors will have no dearth of facilities like family oriented hotels, breath-taking mosques, and restaurants serving the best of Iftar meals. Ramadan is the time when the streets and markets of Cairo pulsate with life and vigour. Also, most of Cairo’s top attractions remain open during Ramadan, making the stay of visitors all the more eventful.

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4.) Zanzibar, Tanzania: If you’re a beach lover and you are searching for an affordable African island getaway during this Ramadan , then we recommend Zanzibar. You can spend your time exploring this island’s history, rich culture, and some of best beaches in the world. This said, your visit to the country is incomplete if you do not check out Zanzibar Stone Town and Prison Island.

Zanzibar is an archipelago of historic Indian Ocean islands, awash with atmosphere, intrigue, and idyllic beach experiences. There are masses of accommodation options across the price spectrum, and plenty to see, do and discover. As the birthplace of the Swahili, site of Sultans’ Palaces and renowned for its spice plantations, the little island republic of Zanzibar features larger-than-life on the world map and is a must-see at the end of any trip to Tanzania.

5.) Dubai:  Dubai is hands down one of the best places to savour a near-perfect Ramadan 2018 experience! Check out for the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai.

Destinations like the capital city of Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, ensure that you have an abundance of options, especially if you’re looking for a blend of luxury and culture and the fee from Lagos to Dubai is cheap.

Besides, UAE is an ideal halal-friendly holiday destination for visitors looking to break their fast! Nothing beats the exciting Ramadan vibe at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s largest mosques. A equally magical charm grips Dubai during Ramadan, as the city comes alive with hordes of spiritual, cultural and social activities, including summer camps, exotic night markets, and Ramadan Majlis that give visitors a chance to sample some of the finest Arabic cuisine. You can book your cheap flights to Dubai .

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