18 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Me


1. My full name is Kuti Ibukunoluwa Emmanuel Oluwaseun
2. I was born on a Friday (So you can call me Friday too?)
3. I have been on this earth for 22years
4. I had my first siblings (Twins)  when I was 14 years old and second one when i was in 200L
5. I have always wanted to be a Doctor but Jamb changed everything, I ended up in Funaab studying Home Science and Management (Not even close)
6. I have two extra teeths which earned me a nickname VP (Look for the meaning yourself)
7. I don’t watch Football tho I’m an Arsenal and Real Madrid Fan
8. I started online/blog work when I was in JSS3.
9. I’m  a lover of TV series and roughly I have seen up-to 60 TV SERIES
10. I’m 110% addicted to FANTA
11. I have Glossophobia (Look it up please)
12. I’m an Introvert type of person
13. Sometimes I feel bad for not having any special talent like singing, drawing, playing musical instruments
14. The first ever money I made online was #5000 in 2013
15. I’m a lowkey Olamide’s fan. I can loose my home training for him
16. I find solace in pressing phone
17. I had my first girlfriend in SS2
18. Before I forget Rihanna is the LOML (not for long tho) ☺☺


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  1. Adebimpe says

    Olodo.. Well nice… If you have speech and public speaking fear ko matter sha know how to talk to babe ni koko
    (vampire :vp)
    . ?

    1. TheRealIBK says

      Lol, who is talking about talking to Babe here ? I can’t face the damn class to do presentation!

      How on earth will I do IT defence and Project defence ?

  2. Prisypearl says


    1. TheRealIBK says

      Lol.. You’d better talk

  3. Holarmidey says


    1. TheRealIBK says


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