18 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Me



1. My full name is Kuti Ibukunoluwa Emmanuel Oluwaseun
2. I was born on a Friday (So you can call me Friday too?)
3. I have been on this earth for 22years
4. I had my first siblings (Twins)  when I was 14 years old and second one when i was in 200L
5. I have always wanted to be a Doctor but Jamb changed everything, I ended up in Funaab studying Home Science and Management (Not even close)
6. I have two extra teeths which earned me a nickname VP (Look for the meaning yourself)
7. I don’t watch Football tho I’m an Arsenal and Real Madrid Fan
8. I started online/blog work when I was in JSS3.
9. I’m  a lover of TV series and roughly I have seen up-to 60 TV SERIES
10. I’m 110% addicted to FANTA
11. I have Glossophobia (Look it up please)
12. I’m an Introvert type of person
13. Sometimes I feel bad for not having any special talent like singing, drawing, playing musical instruments
14. The first ever money I made online was #5000 in 2013
15. I’m a lowkey Olamide’s fan. I can loose my home training for him
16. I find solace in pressing phone
17. I had my first girlfriend in SS2
18. Before I forget Rihanna is the LOML (not for long tho) ☺☺


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6 thoughts on “18 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Me

  1. Olodo.. Well nice… If you have speech and public speaking fear ko matter sha know how to talk to babe ni koko
    (vampire :vp)
    . ?

    1. Lol, who is talking about talking to Babe here ? I can’t face the damn class to do presentation!

      How on earth will I do IT defence and Project defence ?

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